Saturday, September 27, 2008

National Junior Honor Society

Blake was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on Wednesday, September 24th!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Band and Football

Jason is playing for Lincoln this year! He is having a great time and doing really well. His favorite part of the game is the tackling. He had a game today and had 5 tackles! Way to go J!

Blake is part of Lincoln's "A" Band. Last night they played with Coronado High School (Wow, big league). It sounded really good, and when I told him that he mentioned that there were some parts where he and his friends messed up so they just pretended to play. lol

Look how tall he has gotten. I am not bending down and his isn't on his tip-toes.

Austin had a friend over last night so we took them and John to the game. Austin was impressed with how the band performed and John, well John was more interested in the snack bar.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Look out road the oldest Filley Boy is about to take you on

It has finally happened, Sean will be getting his Drivers Permit today, 9-23-08.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Steve and Jackie are Webmasters!

Steve and I were asked to re-design Sean's high school basketball team's website. Last year I was so disappointed that the website wasn't updated for parents and family that we jumped on the chance to do it.

Check it out at! You can either go to the high school's website then to Athletics, then Basketball-Mens or you can go directly to

We are really proud of it!

Moving into September.....

September brings in Blake's birthday, Mimi and Badad's anniversary (both on Sept. 7th) and John's birthday on Sept. 12th.

Sept. 7th Blake turned 13! We had a "Family Party" on Saturday up at Fuddruckers.

All the boys had fun with the birthday glasses.

This year Blake decided he wanted to celebrate at a playland down the street from us. On Sunday he had around 14 of his friends come and join him and brothers for an exciting time at the playland.

The boys were so brave and road all of these rides while Steve and I were the responsible parents and safely watched from the ground.

Mimi and Badad celebrated their 66th Wedding Annivesary on Sunday.

And last but not least, John's birthday was Sept. 12th. We took the gang to Adventure Zone. Hard to believe the youngest Filley is already 6!

Whew! The best part is no more birthdays until December!

School starts for the Filley Boys

August 25th was the first day of school. This was the first year that we only have one boy at the school with us.......just John. Austin has transitioned over to public school now. This year his is by himself but next year Austin will be with Jason and Blake at the Middle School.

We've added another boy to the family!

As if we didn't have enough testasterone in the family, we figured we'd add another guy! On May 8, 2008 the cutest lil fur ball was born. In August we were able to pick him up from Kack and Uncle Leigh. They had graciously offered to watch him until we could drive upto Dallas after Vacation.

Let me introduce you to Cannon's Run Forrest Run or as we call him Forrest.

He has been a blessing to our family. The boys love him and he brings the most amazing smiles to their faces. As Steve says, "Every boy needs a dog".

Khaki wasn't quite sure at first, but she has come around and I think actually enjoys having the lil guy to play with.

He loves all sorts of things like playing in the bean bag. But, his favorite thing (besides his squeakie) is water. You can't keep him out of the sprinklers, his pool and especially the MUD.

August brings more exciting times!

On August 12th Sean turned 16! Wow, how time flies!! We thought we'd make his 16th birthday really special.....and no it wasn't a brand new sports car. We rented a limo and went out and had a nice steak dinner. Sean's favorite thing to eat. We invited Kyle, Sean's friend, to go with us.

Now the fun begins with learning to drive!