Saturday, October 18, 2008


The afternoon air was much too calm. The army could feel that the enemy was near. It had been several days since the last attack, and this time they were prepared.

General Filley had designed a sure fire plan that would take the enemy down. He was confident his men could handle the mission.

He walked the battle field to make sure that everyone knew their positions.

General Filley assisted his men on the enemy lines. He wanted to make sure they were all prepared for what was going to happen next.

The men waited for what seemed like an eternity, until finally they saw it. The enemy was close enough to be seen. She was bigger than described!!! She was grounding all the planes, so attacking by air wasn't an option.

Even General Filley was shocked by her size. She was bigger then he had remembered!! He told his men, "Don't let her looks fool you. She seems nice at first, but don't trust her. She will act innocent and sweet to lure you in, and then she will turn on you." The men waited and waited to see what her next move would be.

At last, night came. It was the perfect opportunity (with her asleep) to perform a sneak attack. Jones was the bravest of the men. He quietly snuck in.

But to his surprise he wasn't quiet enough. The enemy awoke and grabbed him.

He had seen his last day. He was eaten alive!
This infuriated the other men and they attacked.

But the enemy was too strong.

Many of the men were stopped in their tracks.

But, they kept fighting, they were going to take her down......for the sake of their fallen friends. At last, she had been overtaken by their determination and defeated. "Strength in numbers had been their motto."

Victory was theirs! General Filley was proud!

Steve visits his Grandfather in Leesburg, Va.

Steve and O.D.

O.D. (Steve's grandfather) turned 90 this month. Since he hadn't seen him in a long time, he decided to join his dad who had gone up a couple days earlier. They had a really good time, ate some yummy crab cakes, visited O.D., Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bob, and took a tour of the land. One of the places they went to was Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. The view was amazing!