Sunday, February 15, 2009


On Friday, I turned 35 again. I know, I know I'm not really that old, but as Steve described it I am now into the second part of my 30's. I wasn't too upset about turning 36 until he mentioned that. I mean, I still think I look young, even though I've started making that horrible "Uhhhhh" sound when I try and get up from sitting on the ground too long...and sometimes the boy's music does sound a little loud and I'm not quite sure what the singers are saying. Oh yeah and there is the fact that I have started waking up at night just to go to the bathroom. lol...ok so I'll admit it...I am getting old.

I did have an amazing b-day. I have the best friends and family, I will say that. Since moving from S.A. to El Paso my mother in law, Marti, and Steve have taken on the main 2 traditions that my mom created many, many years ago.

Every year on my birthday I would receive tulips. My dad brought them to my mom when she was in the hospital after having me. Every year, my mom gives them to me and I give them to my mom. Steve has graciously taken on this role.

The 2nd tradition is kinda a silly one, but I thought this year it had actually ended until tonight (2 days after my birthday). I absolutely love strawberry cake...whether it's strawberry shortcake or the good old Betty Crocker boxed mix. I have either one or other on my birthday. This year was a little different.....we were busy and my in laws were sick so the bday "party" didn't quite happen. My mother in law gave me my cake so that we could at least have it here. It was a beautiful little cake that was so adorable and made me feel like it was personalized just for me. I didn't cut into it and put it in the freezer. I was a little disappointed about it not being strawberry but was so touched by her generousity that I thought maybe that tradition needed to pass and more would take it's place. To my suprise today, when I cut into that delicious looking cake I noticed that it was STRAWBERRY! I was so excited! It took me back to when I was little and my mom would make my cake every year for me! Thanks Marti!