Saturday, May 21, 2011


I signed onto my blog and realized that I have not posted anything since January of this year. WOW! Time has flown by! With Summer almost here I put up one of my favorite pictures of the boys. Look how little they are! This was taken in 2009 during one of our annual fishing trips on the pier in Cayucos, CA.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Worst feeling in the world!

There are many situations that I would classify as horrible, but having your child sick takes the cake! And I mean takes the whole cake!

I stayed home with John yesterday as he was battling as he calls it "The Devil"....which is a whole other story! He had a fever that would not go away......poor guy! Tylenol didn't work, Ibuprofen didn't work...even rubbing his lil feet didn't work. He'd feel a little better and then down for the count. I know that most moms feel this inadequate feeling when there child is sick, but when your lil one who hardly ever gets sick is on the couch it just stinks!

We slept in his bed, all curled up in his Clone War blankies. I woke up several times during the night to get him water, check on his fever or just make sure he was ok. I even woke up a couple times to John calling me Zach. (John sleep talks and it's normally about his

Day two of sickness and finally his fever broke! He is insisting on fries! Since I don't want any more "worse feelings in the world", I gotta make that happen!