Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Autumn!

I'm writing this and the weather outside is a cool 62 and I'm loving it. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year.

A great deal of things are going on with us. The boys are entertaining as ever and getting bigger and bigger!

It's hard to believe Sean is a Junior in High School. We just purchased him a new truck. To be honest we need his help with this gaggle (at least driving himself to places) and figured he was old enough to have some more responsibility. Before he drives off into this brave new world, we decided that the smart thing to do would be have a contract with him. Steve and I think we did a pretty good job deciding what we should put into this contract. A job was the first thing that came to mind...lol.He signed willingly and we're off to new adventures. Lord, help us! He's going to Homecoming this year and on the Varsity Basketball team at Franklin. All is good in Sean's world.

Blake has recently taken up cooking deserts. He loves to help me in the kitchen and has become the "Smoothie King". Every night he will try and make a new recipe that he has found online. I'm not too much of a smoothie drinker but I've tried some of them and they're delicious! He has taken on Guitar lessons and is looking forward to when he can play the music without help. I'll admit I'm looking forward to it too! NJHS hours are already finished for the Fall (ahead of time) and he is actually considering trying to become an Officer in NJHS. GO BLAKE!

Football Mania is Jason. Middle School football as started and Jason is pumped. He is playing more than last year and loving it. It helps that he has grown tremendously over the summer.....it's amazing how little the 7th graders look compared to our 8th graders.

Austin has joined Blake and Jason at Middle School this year and is in Band! He has playing the trumpet and enjoys it. Although with Austin the bigger plan is to master the trumpet enough so that he can move on to drums...yep drums...hee hee. I think the older brothers enjoy having him there with them...although they'd never admit it.

Finally, there's John. John is in 1st grade now and was a little nervous in the beginning. All the brothers would telling him how it's going to be so hard and he'll have homework so needless to say he was nervous. But, he is doing well. Steve and I still think he is going to be the biggest one of the Filley boys and they better look out. All those years of picking on him will be bad for them in the end.....lol

Organizemydad.com is trucking along and he is having great response from it. Escuela Montessori is thriving this year and we couldn't be happier. Steve and I (way more Steve) are still running the Basketball website for Sean's school at www.franklincougarbasketball.com I've decided since I have 3 in Middle School, I'd be on the board of the PTA and I'm loving it. Besides it helps me keep my eye on the boys....kinda like a Mom Spy! And if that's not enough, I've decided to take on becoming a Mary Kay Consultant. The product and the company is awesome and I'm planning my Debut Party in October. Steve and I are busy as ever......but truly loving it. Our boys keep us entertained. I have truly come to the conclusion that I'm going to have the worst empty nest syndrome when they all leave. But, until then.......bring on the fun!