Sunday, January 10, 2010

John and basketball

John has been asking us forever to sign him up for basketball. To be honest time would fly by and we'd miss the sign up or we'd think maybe next year. Well, this year he has been relentless about reminding us. So, over the holiday break we proudly signed him up for basketball at First Baptist down by our church. When we told him we signed him up, of course, his response was "oh no, not this year". What? Did he really not want to? Of course he wanted to he just liked the idea of being able to have something over us when we didn't sign him up. John is very wise beyond his 7 years. Anyways, the day of practice came. I ran out to Academy to get him a new shirt and new basketball shorts. I know none of the kids care but as a mom I wanted him to at least be the nicest dress basketball star on the court. :) Both of us wanted to be there but with 5 boys and it was a school night that wasn't happening. Yea for Poppo! He graciously stepped in to attend Sean's basketball game that Steve was missing that night. John was very nervous and kept telling Steve and I how he wasn't going to do good and how everyone was probably better than him. Poor lil guy. This was his first experience of being put on a team and having to fight for his place. At least at home he knew his place....he is John...the baby of 5....truly every one's favorite....he could do no wrong and if he did all he had to do was bat those baby blues and say "I'm sorry" and we'd all forgive him. Oh no this was not the Filley Five Team...this was the big leagues. Steve took the camera to take pictures and kept me informed by texting me at least every 5 minutes. Sad, huh? I know but we're like that with all of the boys. Well after a grueling hour long practice Steve called to say they were on their way home. I could hear John in the background. He was so excited and proud of his accomplishment. When they got home and I asked him how did it go. His typical John response was....."I thought I'd suck. But, I am actually really good!" YOU GO JOHN!

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