Monday, July 6, 2009

Twilight Series I will admit that when everyone was raving about the Twilight Series I was thinking to myself "that's sad....why would grown women love those books so's Vampires and Werewolves...PLEASE!"

We went and visited my parents a couple of weeks ago and my mom passed the 4 books to me. She said she never got around to reading them but since we were heading out to CA soon I might try them on the drive. I agreed considering I haven't picked out any books yet for the drive. When we got home I figured I'd try my hand at one so that if I didn't like them I wouldn't waste valuable space in the truck with these books.

Well, I read through Twilight like there was no tomorrow and then through New Moon and before I knew it I was done with Eclipse. What in the world happened to me?!?!? I love these books. I'm trying to hold myself back to not read the 4th book but it's not working. I just keep telling myself..." just a couple of pages"

So, to all my friends and family who I secretly teased for liking such books..."I'm sorry." You were right and I was so wrong. I can't wait to watch the movie and I will be in line on November 20th when the second movie comes out!


Texas Dimons said...

Try her sci-fi book, "The Host" Just finished it and it was just as good. That should cover one day in the car!!

Texas Dimons said...

BTW, not a sci-fi fan, so i didn't pick this up for a long time.