Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer has come and gone

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and the boys will be heading back to school soon. We just got back from an exhilarating vacation in California and I can honestly say all 7 of us wish we were still there.

We had the pleasant task (said with sarcasm) of moving to a new house the weeks prior to our trip. I was so adamant on having everything not only moved into the house but put away before we left. Ok, so it sounded good before the moving began. As the days of the calendar flipped faster and faster I finally excepted that it would be ok if we are not completely unpacked before we leave. I had to keep telling myself

While we were moving I had decided to pack all of our beach items into our "turtle" that goes on the top of our truck. Oh wasn't I so smart......this was going to make life less complicated. I really thought this was a good idea until of course the night before our departure and I can NOT locate the keys to the "turtle". No thing led to another and Blake and I are forced to pry it open and pull all of our beach items out one by one. We were forced to pack much lighter this year due to this.

Normally we stop off in Coronado, CA before heading to Cayucos but this year we headed straight to Cayucos! We were ready for the beach!

The same night we arrived so did cousins (as the boys call them). Steve's sister and brother in law (Barbara and Gary) arrived with their gang. They have 5 kiddos too so we pretty much dominate the beach. We had an amazing time as always. The olders boys stayed together...some stayed in what we called the "Man Cave" in the house. It was this unique loft area in the house that you had to crawl into in order to sleep. We had fun beach time, kayaked, even took family pictures. Barbara's photographer that takes all of her family pictures met us in Cayucos and took the most beautiful pictures of all of us on the beach. I'll post them later. Thanks Jacque and Barb for these wonderful memories!

On our way home we made a pit stop in Newport Beach to visit Blake's godparents and to take in Disneyland. It was the first time that all of us have gone except for Steve. WOW! What a magical experience. I even got to meet Tinkerbell!

As the years pass and are boys get older we are realizing how precious our times are. There will not be too many years that all 5 of them will be traveling with us. We are so pleasantly suprised that all of our "silly" traditions have kept with the boys and they enjoy doing them every year. We can only hope that when they are married with children they will remember all of the wonderful memories and continue our traditions that we started for them. That's all we can ask as parents.

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